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Canon Blue Runs Free on Rumspringa: An Interview

Posted in Uncategorized on November 17, 2011 by erinlyndalmartin

Photo by Thomas Husmer

This has been a breakout year for indie folkpop act Canon Blue, and well it should be. One listen to the infectious single “Indian Summer (Des Moines)” from their 2011 release Rumspringa is bound to leave you wanting more of Daniel James’s heavenly melodies and the amazing rhythms contributed by Amiina. Also, Daniel James has lots of cool things to say.

The Red Coats Are Here: The Caithlin de Marrais Interview

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2011 by erinlyndalmartin

Former Rainer Maria frontwoman Caithlin De Marrais releases Red Coats today on End Up Records. Fusing a wide range of influences shot through with the thread of loss, de Marrais masterfully guides the listener on a journey of melody and delicate-but-powerful vocals. She also has fine taste in books and music, as you will see in this here interview.


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